BodyFIT 360 Vol 1

Drawing from her extensive background in dance, fitness and gymnastics, Michelle has created a cutting edge, bodyweight and dance-conditioning workout for those looking for a new and challenging way to feel strong, flexible, lean and fit.

Michelle’s unique use of musical, movement sequencing will help you groove, flow, jump and move in 360 degrees of motion.  Each exercise series is carefully designed to increase your heart rate & burn calories while improving both your overall strength and flexibility.  You’ll finish feeling energized, balanced and centered while reshaping your body at the same time. 

Equipment needed:  Mat

BodyFIT 360 will help you:

*Develop long, lean muscle

*Increase flexibility

*Increase your strength

* Increase stamina 


Movement Breakdown & Review

BodyFIT 360 Full Workout

Please note:

This is a digital workout.  You will not be sent anything in the mail.


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