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Michelle and Phil Dozois know that being physically fit plays a fundamental role in creating a happy and productive life. Helping others find that joy is at the very core of their mission. That’s why they’ve created an online fitness studio with access to more than 15 live-streaming classes per week + on-demand workouts geared to making fitness fun and accessible no matter where you live!


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Meet Michelle Dozois

Michelle’s passion for revolutionizing fitness experiences led her to become a gold medalist at both the U.S. and World Aerobic Championships, develop hundreds of cutting-edge fitness routines and programs for the home exerciser, and produce content for workout videos and consumer magazines distributed throughout the world.
Her ability to appeal to a wide audience, from beginners to lifelong exercise buffs, made her a go-to fitness expert sought out by enthusiasts for decades, and now she’s taking the in-person experience she offered at her Southern California gym and bringing her vivacity, expertise, and energy to a worldwide community.
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Throughout the years, Michelle has been certified by numerous health and fitness organizations such as:

  • Yoga Alliance: RYT200
  • Stott Pilates: Advanced Pilates Instructor
  • American Council on Exercise (ACE): Group Exercise Instructor
  • Aerobics and Fitness Association of American (AFFA): Group Exercise Instructor
  • Beachbody: Hip Hop Hustle & Turbo Kick Instructor
  • National Academy of Sports Nutrition (NASN): Sports Nutritionist
  • National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM): Personal Trainer
  • Schwinn: Indoor Cycling Instructor
  • Mad Dog: Indoor Cycling Instructor
  • TRX: Level 1 Certification 

Meet Phil Dozois

As a certified personal and executive coach, performance enhancement specialist, and nutrition coach, Phil has spent decades helping people achieve their fitness goals and make lifelong changes to their habits. He created a program called “Living by Design,” a whole-person approach incorporating highly targeted and personalized coaching techniques into a training regimen that integrates fitness, coaching, and nutrition.
It is deeply satisfying to me when I see people make personal shifts for themselves and become more aligned with who they truly want to be. 




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Meet Team Breakthru FitPros

Micki Duran

Micki has been a professional dancer in films and television since the age of 12. She's taken her dance training and work ethic and infused it into her fitness practice. Her focus is to help you develop a strong core, lean muscles, and increased balance and mobility.

Clarissa Fawk

In her teens, Clarissa won a full scholarship to the University of Arizona School of Dance. After she tried her first Zumba class, her love affair with fitness was born. Helping people improve their health through a lifestyle of movement has become her passion.

Keli Roberts

Keli is a long-time educator and veteran in the fitness industry. In her classes, her goal is to meet you right where you’re at, whether you’re just starting out, or you’re a seasoned exerciser. Keli has a deep passion in keeping the active aging adult fit for a lifetime.

Chris Arrobio

At 54, Chris knows “aging is never an easy road, but being connected to one’s body is crucial for peace and tranquilly." A Real Estate agent by trade, she loves spending time with her partner in crime working out, planning classes, and discussing the next gourmet meal they will cook. 

Sandy Bandula

Sandy holds multiple certifications in Pilates, Sculpt, Personal Training, and Cycling. Fitness has been a long-time passion, and she loves helping people strengthen both their bodies and minds through movement.

Eric Thomson

Eric is an energetic and charismatic fitness instructor and personal trainer recognized for his motivational coaching and results-driven programming. Eric's mission is to help you realize your potential and leave you feeling better about yourself.

Amy McGuire

Amy believes everyone is able to live powerfully, and she is stoked to be walking that walk alongside you.  Amy says, "I have a reputation for being warm and strict. I'm gonna tell you how it is, and then I'm gonna tell you how to succeed." In her classes, she teaches you to be unstoppable.

Toby Massenburg

Toby is a fitness professional who holds a degree in Kinesiology with an emphasis in Exercise Science and Nutrition from Kansas State University. Toby's wants to leave his mark on the world by sharing his passion for health and fitness. 

Camden Crane

As a Personal Trainer, Group Fitness Instructor, and SPARTAN SGX Coach, Camden is committed to empowering her clients to set personal, yet challenging, goals focusing on the whole body, mind, and soul connection. 

Matt Kelsey

After 3 yrs as a stay-at-home dad he found himself overweight, and slightly depressed. He joined Breakthru and got himself back in shape and, at 40, feeling better than ever. This inspired him to help others be able to see and feel the same results he has.

Aly Pernecky

Aly is 49 years young and has been an athlete her whole life. She fell in love with indoor cycling more than 25 years ago and has taught for the past five years — it has been a blast! She loves spending time with her amazing husband, 3 kids, and 2 dogs.

Alexen KhimNg

Alexen is a Stott Pilates and fitness certified instructor.  He teaches a variety  of workouts from Pilates to bootcamp. Fitness has been a part of his life since his younger days, and he loves sharing his passion with all of you.

Carrie Kingston

Carrie is a seasoned Fit Pro who loves teaching everything from HIIT to Barre classes. When she’s not teaching, she’s getting her workouts playing backyard soccer with her five kids!

Jeff Stitt

Firefighter Jeff is a certified Personal Trainer and has played sports his entire life. He's super active, loves the outdoors, and has been a Wildland Firefighter with the US Forest Service for 15 years now. If you’re looking for a fun but challenging workout, Jeff’s your guy — go grab a water and a towel, because you'll need them both!

Mathias Sorenson

Join Mathias in his Mobility Workshops. Grab a foam roller, and spend some time working on the recovery your body needs. We work on posture, mobility, and prehabilitation exercises so you can keep up the high-intensity workouts all week long! 

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