On The Go Workouts

Do you need a quick fix workout? You know, the type of workout that's easy to follow, but still challenging and super effective.

A workout that can be done ANYWHERE, ANYTIME and without ANY equipment. Short routines you can do in a hotel room, your living room, basement, OR EVEN take with you to the gym, so you have a game plan ready to go!

You'll get six stand-alone 10-minute workouts that can be done on their own or combined in endless ways to create customizable workouts to meet your needs and help you reach your goals! 

You’ll receive two calorie torching routines,  Cardio HIIT #1 and Cardio HIIT #2.  These are easy to follow, drill-based workouts with 10 different exercises that get your heart pumping right out of the gate. 

Want to focus on strengthening your upper body, or toning your butt and thighs?  I’ve got you covered with my Upper Body Blast and Lower Body Blast workouts. 

And, how about creating a tighter and more defined midsection?  No worries, my Core On The Floor routine will get the job done. 

For those days where you need to stretch, recover or give your body a little TLC, ease some of that tension with my Flow and Release routine. You’ll feel energized, refreshed and rejuvenated in just 10 minutes.

Looking for something more moderate?  No worries, we provide modified versions of each exercise, so you can work at a level that makes YOU feel comfortable, yet challenged.  

Because of the customizable nature of the “On The Go Workouts” and especially the Cardio HIIT workouts, it is essential that you warm-up before jumping right into the videos.  But, don’t worry, I’ve also provided you with a simple warm-up guide that you can do before you begin.

If you are not doing the Flex and Release after your workout, please make sure you cool your body down with a few simple stretches before moving on with the rest of your day.

Want to workout longer than 10-minutes?   I've created 15 different workout mixes so you can choose how long you want to exercise each day and what you want to focus on.  You'll find the workout mixes in your On The Go Workout library. They're ready to go, at your fingertips.  AND, you can access them anywhere and everywhere.  You can log-in from your smartphone, tablet or computer and choose any of the original 10-minute workouts or one of our ready to go 20-60 minute mixes.

Have fun and see you in the workouts!

Please note:

These are digital workouts.  You will not be sent anything in the mail.


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