BodyFit Vol 3 Athletic Conditioning

Michelle Dozois, creator of the original BodyFIT 360 workouts, is excited to share a new twist on her bodyweight conditioning.  This 3rd volume of BodyFIT 360 is purely athletic in nature and features 2 separate workouts that provide maximum results to help you get lean, strong and flexible.  Another great feature about the workouts is they are created for you to do anywhere, anytime because as they do not require any extra equipment.

Athletic conditioning is a 40-minute workout that will move your body in 360 degrees of motion with unique cardio, strength & agility sequences designed to open your body and challenge your fitness levels.  Be prepared to sweat with Michelle’s challenging, fast moving cardio, strength & agility sequences that will shape and strengthen your body in ways you never thought possible.  This is a great workout for days when you are short on time and want an effective workout using just your bodyweight.

Athletic flexibility is a 20-minute workout designed for those who know they need to stretch but just don’t take the time for benefitting from longer yoga style workouts. Michelle will help you flow, balance, stretch & increase your overall flexibility while leaving you feeling energized and relaxed.

For both workouts, we recommend you use a yoga mat and a hand towel.

BodyFIT 360 vol 3 will help you:

* Burn Fat & calories

*Increase total body strength

*Increase stamina

*Increase agility

*Increase flexibility

*Reduce stress


Movement review

40 minute Athletic Conditioning workout

20 minute Athletic Stretch workout


Please note:

This is a digital workout.  You will not be sent anything in the mail.



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