Peak 10 Fit Body Challenge

$109.00 USD


  • 24 amazing workout videos
  • 19 short instructional videos designed to teach you everything you need to know to be successful in the program.
  • Downloadable resources, including goal setting, measurement tracking, nutrition guides, and simple meal grids.
  • A support system to help answers your questions.

What People Are Saying:

The workouts are fun and the blocks are manageable so I felt challenged but also encourage. Also, the Facebook group held me accountable. Even though I only commented on other people's posts occasionally, I read the posts every day and that helped me stay motivated. Peak 10 offers the complete package. The last time I participated, I had some weight to lose and lost it all through the program. This time I just needed to get out of a rut and feel motivated to work a little harder than I had been doing. I want to stay healthy and fit as I get older. Peak 10 offers great workouts, nutrition, support—everything you need to succeed regardless of your goals.

Mary from Alabama

Join Today! I loved it and would recommend it to anyone and everyone! It's a fantastic program and will really make a difference to your fitness levels and your body / mind. The Peak 10 workouts are fantastic! I also liked the online community and the check-ins with Michelle & Nicole to really feel like we were all in it together! All of the workouts in the program are great and the structured calendar was helpful in making sure that you check off each workout once completed (very motivational!) Thank you so much, Michelle and team - you did an amazing job!

Sonia Amanda

Don't miss out on this wonderful opportunity. I had a bet with my husband. He didn't think I would stick to it, just another weight loss fad. He lost the bet this morning and is very impressed with how easy it was to stick to it. In reflection, no one lost in our household, the recipes were loved by everyone and my entire family has made eating changes. Everyone is genuinely happier.

Kim from Pasadena, CA

This is the best program out there based on real medical data combined with years of experience from the best in the field. The workouts are fun and very effective, the nutrition plan is based on eating real foods, and everything is meticulously laid out. All you need to do is follow the plan. The facebook support and live webcasts help you stay motivated and also help you to realize that other people have the same struggles.

Laura from New York

I was really surprised at how much I could do - I wouldn't have thought it was possible. I'm not a young woman! I'm 55 years old and I was able to keep up with the workouts, I increased my weights on the Cardio Strength workouts, and by the end of the rotation, I improved on all of the Fit Test items. I'm completely satisfied, even though it was hardly perfect in terms of following the rotation to the letter. The streaming aspect of it worked great. Most of my workout friends use DVDs and there are a bunch of people who are worried about streaming. It worked - the workouts were really fun and original.

Gwynn Lynch

The workouts were fun and I looked forward to doing them. The diet was helpful as I forgot how much I love smoothies and how filling they can be. Give it a go... you can grow with the program and increase your weights. It's a lot of fun and you will look forward to doing your workouts!

Brigitte from Toronto CA

Absolutely make the investment! So supportive, so doable! So many programs out there are so restrictive in terms of food and calories. This is not! Coupled with the workouts it is a win-win! Michelle from NJ

Michelle from NJ

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