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An 8-Week At-Home Program for experienced exercisers who are ready to seriously amp up their fitness and get leaner and stronger!

Transform your body in 8 weeks.

Our next program launches in 2022!

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  • Transform Your Body in 8 weeks

  • Accelerate Fat Loss

  • Trigger the "Afterburn" Effect

  • Sculpt Lean Muscle

  • Fire Up Your Metabolism

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Join Michelle LIVE streaming from
her Private Studio 4x per week!

Experience her unique style of music-driven, transformational workouts! Here’s what you’ll get:

Peak 10® Cardio Strength V.1 + V.2

These specially designed cardio and strength training sequences will help you get the most out of your time. Alternating periods of metabolic strength sequences, followed by a cardio sequence, will build up to an all-out PEAK intensity blast. Your heart rate will stay elevated throughout the entire workout to help you BLAST FAT AND BURN CALORIES.

Peak 10® Cardio Interval Burn

Variety is the spice of life, and you’ll find that in spades in this fun, high-energy cardio workout with moves from kickboxing, athletic drills, calisthenics, and aerobics. Each sequence will build up to an all-out HIIT PEAK Intensity Blast that will help you BLAST FAT AND BURN TONS OF CALORIES.


Peak 10® Pure Strength

Michelle designed this fourth workout to round out your week of Peak 10 training with a focus on the key muscle groups in your body. This strength training workout will help boost your metabolism and sculpt your physique while improving balance and posture! Michelle will switch up your Pure Strength workouts every two weeks to help you get the most benefit to your training.

"As you adapt to the PEAK 10® program, your energy, stamina, and strength increase dramatically while your body turns into a LEANER, STRONGER, and FITTER version of your previous self."

Michelle Dozois


  • Michelle’s Private Facebook Group: Get strong and stay strong while connecting with a vibrant and supportive community.

  • Our extensive On-Demand Library for the duration of the Challenge! Want to add more workouts to your week? We've got you covered with a variety of cardio, strength, yoga, and more.

  • 8-Week Fitness & Accountability Planner: Track your progress and stay consistent and accountable to yourself and the others in the program.

  • A Complete Nutrition System  to help you lose body fat and look and feel your best. Jump Start Your Results with Michelle’s 5-Day Reset! Over 90 Recipes ideal for Fat Loss, PLUS a Personalized Nutrition Plan just for you!

Peak 10® Real Results for Real People

Your classes have made a huge difference in my life, mentally and physically. I can’t believe we have been doing this since March! I am so glad to hear you will be continuing online so that I can keep taking your classes! That will keep me in shape, so I am ready for our next round of Peak 10.

Thank you, again, Lee-Ann L.




I wanted to let you know that my work has paid off! I have lost weight and inches -Yay - and my clothing fits so much better. Thank you for helping me get through this tough time. I have been doing some of the workouts from your library and I have enjoyed them.  Now I crave the structure, even though I am good at implementing it myself. I don't want PEAK to end! I am sending you a big hug of gratitude.

Love, Jacqueline S.


I really have enjoyed Peak. I am incredibly happy I joined.  I will send in my results but so far I have lost about 14 pounds and up to 2 inches in my arms, legs and chest.  I have completely changed my diet which I haven’t done ever in my life!!! Thank you for getting me back to ME!!!

XO, Mindy D.




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Join the Peak 10® WAIT LIST Today!

Be the First to Know

Join the Peak 10® WAIT LIST Today!