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Peak 10® – Cardio Strength Remix


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If you love workouts that sculpt lean muscle and get you in the best shape of your life, this program is for you.

This ALL NEW Peak 10 “Cardio Strength REMIX” workout is part of Michelle’s “Ultimate Fat Loss Program” that uses her unique “Climb to the Peak” system of Metabolic Circuit Training to help elevate your metabolism and change your body composition. This workout features ALL NEW metabolism boosting strength training and cardio sequences designed to get you in the best shape ever. As each strength training circuit ends, you move immediately into a cardio sequence that will build up to an all out Peak intensity blast. Your heart rate will stay elevated throughout the entire workout to help you BLAST FAT, BOOST YOUR METABOLISM AND BURN A TON OF CALORIES.

The key ingredients are our four signature Peak 10â Training Levels: “BASECAMP” is your recovery period that moves quickly into our “INITIAL ASCENT” where you begin to ramp up your intensity; the “CLIMB” pushes you to challenge yourself, and finally the “PEAK” is a full-out effort that takes you to a breathless state. The program takes you through these training levels multiple times throughout the workout. As you adapt to the Peak 10 program you will find your energy, stamina and strength increase dramatically while your body turns into a LEANER, STRONGER and more RIPPED version of your previous self.

Equipment needed: 2 sets of hand weights – one set lighter, one set heavier. We recommend weights ranging anywhere from 5-20 lbs depending on your personal strength.

Out of stock

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Peak 10 Cardio Strength will help you:

  • Increase your metabolic burn rate
  • Lose weight
  • Lose inches
  • Get a sculpted upper and lower body
  • Tone up your mid-section without crunches
  • Increase your energy & GET RIPPED!

DVD Features:

  • Cardio Strength full workout
  • Customizable workout length with Peak 10 training blocks
  • Movement review

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